CSR Villages

If you head to the left when exiting the back of El Centro, you will arrive at the Casita village. This area is set among colorful plazas, fountains and palm-shaded courtyards. The casitas (translation: Little Houses) resemble three and four story buildings in a village setting. This area was themed after urban areas of the American Southwestern (such as Santa Fe) and Mexico (such as Monterrey). The casitas are home to many of the convention accommodations. There are 981 guest rooms (includes 43 suites) in the casita section.

As you continue around the path, you will reach the Rancho village. The Ranchos have a more rustic, rural flavor to them. These two and three story villas are themed after the dry, rural desert ranchland regions of the Southwest United States. This area comes complete with an Arroyo (translation: a small stream that tumbles over a rocky streambed). There are 624 guest rooms (no suites) in this area.

As you continue around the Espanade (the walkway that encircles Lago Dorado), it brings you to the Cabana village. Located on the northern shore of Lago Dorado, these adobe architecture, two story buildings contain 246 rooms (includes 1 jr suite). This area reflects the beauty and serenity of Mexico's coastal regions. More than half the rooms in this village have lake views and make them a popular choice among guests. A sandy shoreline beach, complete with hammocks, compliments this section.

Buzz2K1's Coronado Springs Resort CSR Website
Buzz2K1's Coronado Springs Resort CSR Website
Buzz2K1's Coronado Springs Resort CSR Website

Distances around the lake

From El Centro moving clockwise around the lake path to:

  • Casitas 3 = .16 miles

  • Casitas 4 = .24 miles

  • Casitas 5 = .27 miles

  • Ranchos = .46 miles

  • From El Centro to the Dig Site, via the bridge near the Cabanas = .35 miles


From El Centro moving counterclockwise around the lake to:

  • ​Tower = .16 miles (once pathway is open)

  • Cabanas 8A = .31 miles

  • Cabanas 8b/8c = .33 miles

  • Rancho 7b = .35 miles